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The only way to experience life in Venice like a true Venetian, is by learning the unique rowing technique called “voga”. Rowing in this way means learning new movements, a new way of balancing the body on the boat, and above all, it is another way of seeing and living the city. Handling the oar you can lose yourself in its slow swing, while learning how to master this unique skill, as you face the ripples of the canals and feeling to be part of the true Venetian world- gondolier for a day!!!

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Meeting Point
Cannaregio3009/G (Fondamenta Contarini), Venice
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Meeting point: Cannaregio3009/G (Fondamenta Contarini), Venice

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

Participants: Up to 15 participants (from 5 participants up, the group will be divided in 2 or more traditional boats)


Specialized rowing instructor at your complete disposal for 1 hour and 30 minutes


Not available on Mondays.
The start time is approximate. The start time could change according to the availability of the experience.
The meeting point could change in the winter season. 


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