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Trying a balloon flight is an extraordinary experience that is worth to do at least once, it’s a situation that will get you excited as well as relax, offering breathtaking views and a unique sensation of freedom. The silence is the best gift of this type of flight, interrupted only by the murmur of the burner that heats the balloon. This flight is not for everyone though, is for those who love to travel without a clear destination, for those who love the top views and who appreciate the silence. Preparing the air balloon along with the pilot will make you the protagonist of the experience.

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Meeting Point
Parco Etnografico di Rubano in via Valli 2 Rubano (PD)
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Meeting Point: Parco Etnografico di Rubano in via Valli 2 Rubano (PD)

Duration: about 3 hours


Preparation, air balloon flight (50 minutes approximately) and dismantling

Air Balloon driver and assistant

Note: Not for people afraid of highs; children under 5 years old are not allowed; be taller than 130 cm; not for pregnant women; not for people with hips’ or legs’ prosthesis; not for people with cardiac or respiratory disease; more than 90 kg weight people are not allowed; alcohol/ drug dependents are not allowed.


  1. Padua