Zur Buchungsanfrage

The sense of lightness during the flight can be obtained in many ways, but paragliding is, among all, the one that comes closest to the emotion of floating in the air and flying. An instructor will guide you in every small gesture, while leaving the mainland and "flying" into this unique experiece. Paragliding isn't a difficult activity and you don't need any special skills, just the desire to experiment. The instructor will give you all the necessary information to enjoy the full experience. Harnessed with the pilot will take a short run-up and all of a sudden, the earth will no longer be under your feet. Probably, while flying you will not even notice it at first. This is the most exciting moment.

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Meeting Point
Zur Buchungsanfrage


Meeting point: Via Casale Nuovo 65/G, Semonzo del Grappa (TV)

Duration: 1 hrs (flight duration from 30 to 40 minutes)

Languages: English and Italian


Paragliding flight with expert assistant

Flight Equipment

Video and photos of the experience

Shuttle service from the meeting point to the take-off area


  1. Borso del Grappa